Scientific developments of young scientists of TUIT in the field of space technologies were presented on the national TV channel Uzbekistan.


Scientific developments of young scientists of TUIT in the field of space technologies were presented on the national TV channel Uzbekistan.

Young and promising TUIT scientists have developed the CUBESAT laboratory model to demonstrate this technology in hands-on labs.

The tasks of the device can be remote sensing of the earth’s surface, remote reception of weather data. Hydrometeorology is tasked with recording and correcting signals, as well as collecting relevant images of the earth’s surface using ultra-red rays or a camera. The device will be launched in the lowest Earth orbit at a distance of 500 km. The size of the device is 10 cm cubic, and its weight should not exceed 1.33 kg. The device is now a major trend around the world. Since launching satellites requires a lot of money, this device is very cost-effective. By developing this device, we are mainly working on the SPACECOM project, which is the first in the Republic of Uzbekistan within the framework of Erasmus +, which also has foreign partners. One of our main partners is the German company EXOLAUNCH which works in this field. We are working in different areas such as relevant suggestions, developments by that device. In addition, we developed a complete 3D model . This is a prototype for now. If we talk about the possibilities of this, the device is equipped with an accelerometer, GPS and a camera. Its position relative to the ground is monitored remotely. In addition, the GPS point also has the ability to track and monitor remotely and take appropriate pictures using the remote control. We also call this device a ground station. We are in the process of creating it, and we will be able to share it later.


If this development is put into practice, developments will be observed in a number of areas. We will now be able to connect this prototype version to this device in a very high frequency range. We are working with a number of our foreign partners on this project. As a result of this project, it is planned to open a master’s degree in space communication technologies at TUIT and other similar universities in Uzbekistan. Later, the opening of the master’s program will be implemented in practice. Work with specialists will be carried out in cooperation with the well-known «Uzbek Cosmos», its implementation in government programs.


Nowadays there are many ecological global changes accruing such as with the assessment of the level of desertification, the assessment of forest fires, the rapid monitoring of floods and other types of environmental problems, and the ability to do so will be able to set up a monitoring center. In the past, it was up to human factors to measure the levels of desertification or to monitor forest fires, so someone had to go there to monitor the data. the wolf will come or else someone will have to be involved. After launching this device, the Low Earth level, which I mentioned earlier, will have its own trajectory in orbit at a distance of 500 km above the earth’s surface, and the trajectory will be constantly at ground level monitors changes. It is a highly automated technology with a high global trend. When it comes to the use of the device, the device is launched into space using special rockets or a device that can go into space like that. It lasts about 1-2 years; this device can fly at ground level. It is placed next to it with the help of special solar panels, which charge it. You will also be able to remotely monitor it from the ground or adjust it to the desired parameters, using a gyroscope. Durability properties are increased, tolerance properties to space conditions because the temperature there must be adjusted to it, then the outer example cosmos also has its own solar radiation that enters directly, it is also necessary to adjust the electronics part.

Innovation is the key to economic growth, social well-being and the development of society, so our current lives are full of new concepts and technologies. Not only Uzbekistan, but also the world has chosen a new innovative path of development, because today innovative ideas are new, inventions determine the development of the country.

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