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The main objective of the project

Development and modernization of the existing master’s program in satellite technology, space technology and communication systems, as well as the use of satellite communications in accordance with the recommendations of the Bologna process.

Key Expected Project Results

Opening/updating master program in space engineering and technology;
modernization of the existing and development of new courses related to Space and Communication Engineering;
organizing new educational-scientific research laboratory for space engineering and technology;
re-training personnel partner universities;
developing new handbook and educational-methodological manuals.

Specific objectives

– analyze educational needs in the target field; review the current curricula
To update current programmes and curricula according to recent advances in the target field by the end of the second project year
– develop, implement and accredit new practice oriented and student- focused core and transferable curricula and modules includ- ing ECTS and innovative academic environ- ment according to the B-Learning methodology
– bring the Higher Education Institutions of Partner Countries closer to the Labor Market

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