Members of the SPACECOM project published an article «Regular nonminimal magnetic black hole as a source of quasiperiodic oscillations» in journal PHYSICAL REVIEW D 103, 104070 (2021)

We study the properties of the spacetime around a regular nonminimal magnetic black hole (BH)together with the dynamics of the neutral, magnetized, and magnetically charged particles in its vicinity.The dependence of the values of curvature invariants and the outer event horizon corresponding to theextreme charge of the BH from the coupling parameter are studied in detail. Our study of the test particlemotion shows that the innermost stable circular orbit (ISCO) radius decreases with the increase of themagnetic charge of the nonminimal regular magnetic BH. We show that the increase of the ISCO radiuswith the increase of the coupling parameter is due to the decrease of the extreme value of the BH charge.In particular, when the coupling parameter q →∞ the ISCO radius tends to the value rISCO ¼ 4.5M.The effect of the magnetic charge parameter on ISCO radius can mimic the effect due to the spin parameterof the rotating Kerr BH, and the mimicking values of the spin parameter decreases with the increase of thecoupling parameter. We also explore the possible mimicking of the parameters through the observations oftwin-peak quasiperiodic oscillations (QPOs). Our analysis shows that the Reissner-Nordström (RN) chargecan mimic the spin parameter of the Kerr BH up to a=M ≃0.51 provided that there is the same relationbetween the upper and lower frequencies of the twin-peak QPOs. On the other hand, the nonminimalregular magnetic BH coupling parameter may mimic the spin parameter up to a=M ≃0.215 in therelativistic precession model.